Adding Your Art to the Red Bubble Art Website

In the first article I wrote about using the Red Bubble Art website I covered the value of using it as an artist that wants to reach the ever expanding online community. I am also a stay home mom that home schools my children so I want to use the Internet as much as possible to show my art work.

In this article I wanted to cover the process of adding your artwork to the Red Bubble Art website.

First you will need to login to your RedBubble account and if your Internet browser asks if you want it to remember your account information including your password, I would do it unless you are on a public computer. Recently a large number of WordPress blogs were hacked on GoDaddy and other hosting company’s servers so I don’t have passwords that are easy to remember any more and I would recommend anyone do that after going through the frustration of being hacked.

After you have logged into your account you will want to click the large ‘Add Your Work’ text located in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you clicked that the menu will drop down and you will want to choose the category that you are listing your art in. In my case I will be using ‘Art & Photography’. The next page that you see has a large red button that says. “Choose Your File”. Once you click this you will want to navigate to the art piece that you want to display on Red Bubble.

Once you have chosen your file it may take awhile depending on the size of the file but now is the time to add the remaining information into the listing. Add your Title, Description and Tags. Remember that you should use keywords or long tail phrases that are good for SEO (search engine optimization) or at least that what my husband tells me. Actually he did give me a video about using some tools to help me in my website development and he does do some of the work for me, lucky me.

Once that is done you will want to choose what kind of Products for Sale you want to make your art work available as. If your file will not be appropriate for some of the choices the Red Bubble will determine that automatically for you. It is important if you want to use all the choices that you get a good scan of you work at a high resolution or get good digital photos and it would not be inappropriate to even bring your pieces to a photo studio for professional pictures at a high resolution. This will insure that you will be able to sell prints of your work for years to come unless you are going to have limited edition prints.

After choosing the items that you want to sell you will want to determine your pricing and you will see a text box that has a percentage in it with text to the left side that says ‘Your Markup’. You can adjust the markup and then click on the link to the right that says ‘Example prices’. You will see the base price that will go to Red Bubble and then you see your markup percentage and your profit margin and to the right column the retail price that will show on your website for your customers.

Once you are done you will be able to click on the red button in the lower right corner entitled “Done & Done – Add My Work” You will then be able to see the store view.

If you make any mistakes you will be able to edit your work by clicking on My Bubble, going to Art in the sub-menu and then click edit on the art piece that you want to revise.

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Here is a YouTube video where we cover adding your artwork to your own Red Bubble Art Website Account

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July 24, 2011

Brad Rickerby @ 10:26 pm #

I sell my art from both Etsy and FineArtAmerica. I’ve never been satisfied with my sakes results from either. Do you have good sales result from RedBubble? Are there other sites that you would suggest? Thanks, Brad

July 25, 2011

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